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Featured Product

TR-600-ECK 3M Versaflo Easy Clean PAPR Kit is a complete PAPR. Kit includes headtop S-433 Hood Assembly, TR-614 PAPR Assembly (includes breathing tube), TR-6710N (HE) Filter, Filter Cover, TR-641 Single Station Battery Charger, BT-30 Breathing Tube and BT-922 Breathing Tube Cover. The TR-600-ECK is a complete Powered Air Purifying Respirator and includes everything required to get started. The kit This ready-to-use kit provides a simple way to purchase a complete PAPR system for use in operations where it is important to be able to easily clean the PAPR system. Suitable for applications such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, health care, food processing, painting, and lead battery manufacturing/recycling. 1Ea/Cs
as low as $1498.48 CS

Featured Product

GG501SGAF 3M Goggle Gear, 500-Series, Clear Scotchgard Anti-fog lens. This low profile splash goggle features the Scotchgard anti-fog lens which helps keep lenses clear in rugged, dusty, steamy and wet environments providing longer lasting fog resistance than traditional anti-fog, anti- scratch coatings. Additionally, the Scotchgard anti-fog coating retains its anti-fog effectiveness through multiple washings with water. 10ea/cs
as low as $13.11 PR

Featured Product

S1201SGAF 3M Solus 1000-Series, Green/Black, Clear Scotchgard Anti-fog lens3M Solus 1000 series protective eyewear features Scotchgard Anti-Fog lens coating which helps workers see clearly, longer providing longer lasting fog resistance than traditional anti-fog coatings. Removable temples enable the use of the optional strap. Optional foam gasket helps reduce eye exposure. Available in several frame colors and lens tints. 20ea/cs 1.71LB/CS
as low as $8.73 PR

Featured Product

316-1001 3M E-A-R Easy Touch Earplug Corded Featuring patented technology, Easy Touch Earplugs feature a soft foam tip on a soft stem to easily insert into the ear to help protect worker hearing. The shape of the earplug tip along with the soft conforming foam helps to provide a snug yet gentle fit that helps reduce exposure to hazardous noise levels. Features a soft foam tip on a soft stem to easily insert into the ear to help protect worker and give a snug yet gentle fit. Secure grip makes it easier to keep the foam tip clean while inserting the foam tip in the ear. Comparable to disposable foam earplug pricing, so very economical to use. Over molded one-piece construction assures grip will stay securely attached to the foam tip. Noise reduction rating (NRR) 25 dB 200pr/bx, 10bx/cs, 2000pr/cs
as low as $66.66 BX


6842HV N-Ferno Hi-Vis 2-Layer Fleece Econo Winter Liner Shoulder Length
As low as $14.60EA


323-1370B-LYL Large Yellow ANSI Class 3 Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt with Black Bottom.
As low as $30.85EA


84664 Ivy X Post-Contact Skin Cleanser Lotion in 4 oz. Tottle.
As low as $2.25EA


S1102SGAF 3M Solus 1000-Series, Black/Blue, Grey Scotchgard Anti-fog lens, 20ea/cs.
As low as $8.73PR


71672 SunX Suncreen SPF 30 lotion, 6 ounce bottle
As low as $4.37EA


MFLB-3-Z7/6FT Miller Twin Turbo D-Ring Connector with 2 TurboLiter Personal Fall Limiters Locking Snap Hooks.
As low as $408.24EA